design follows function

“I love to design shoes that envelope the foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot”

(Thierry Rabotin)

This is our Mission, this is our Goal. At Thierry Rabotin Footwear we never submit our client’s wellness to the design, the design always follows function.


The creation of Thierry Rabotin shoes requires a high level of craftsmanship that no technological resource can replace. Handcrafting is a challenge to the most experienced shoemakers. The artisans at Thierry Rabotin are careful to preserve the centuriesold heritage of handmade methods.


Leathers are sourced from the best Italian and French tanneries and processed with the utmost respect for the environment. Microfiber Lycra, featured on a variety of Thierry Rabotin footwear, is lightweight, flexible and durable and ​hugs the foot gently and allows for maximum range of motion.

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Below is a list of key elements and principles of our design. It will give you an insight into what makes Thierry Rabotin shoes so special.

1.Our Philosophy: ‘Design Follows Function’

At Thierry Rabotin, our mission and goal are elegantly simple: to create shoes that envelop your foot, giving the sensation of walking barefoot. Our time-honored mantra, “Design Follows Function,” ensures that every curve and contour of our footwear is meticulously crafted to prioritize your comfort.

2.The Art of Shoe Lasts

Our shoe lasts, the very foundation upon which our footwear is built, are works of art in their own right. Hand-carved with asymmetry to honor the foot's natural anatomy, the intricate detailing ensures a snug fit. This means your strides will be effortless and full of confidence.

3.The Perfect Heel

Designed for Thierry Rabotin by stylist Massimo Balbini, our heels are the epitome of grace and balance. Their varied shapes and heights share a common thread. They are individually designed and positioned to support the body’s center of gravity. This reduces fatigue and offers comfort for extended wear.

4.Innovative Wedge Construction

The wedges are expertly hand-milled from micro rubber - a supple, elastic material that effectively lessens the impact with each step. The surface of the wedge is thoughtfully calculated for all sizes, ensuring that the foot enjoys a generous walking surface, along with gentle ankle support. Additionally, a specially crafted hollow accommodates the heel, preventing the foot from sliding forward and ensuring a balanced distribution of weight.

5.Variety and Functionality in Soles

Leather: 4mm thick, tanned in Italy with utmost respect for the environment. It comes with non-slip rubber inserts to increase durability and give flexibility to the sole.

Micro-foam rubber: It is a flexible and lightweight material that takes the edge off your steps and makes walking a joy. It’s also versatile and comes in a wide array of colors, shapes and thicknesses.

XL Extralight ©: the extralight version of the micro-foam rubber. The lack of weight in these soles is always a surprise for our customers.

6.Premium Quality Materials

Our favorite materials and leather and microfiber. Our leathers are sourced from the best Italian and French tanneries and processed with the utmost respect for the environment. The microfiber featured on a variety of Thierry Rabotin footwear is lightweight, flexible and durable. It hugs the foot gently and allows for maximum range of motion.

7.Attention to Unseen Details

Our shoes hold hidden gems - insoles and linings that elevate comfort. Our signature lining, the blue nappa leather, is hypoallergenic and free of chrome VI (a common toxic chemical used in the tanning process).

Our insoles are covered with a layer of Poron ©, a supportive, shock absorbent material that cushions the foot even during long term wear. For an in-depth look, visit

8.Experience the Lightness

One of the delightful surprises awaiting you is the feather-like weight of our shoes. Our lightest shoe weighs just over 3.5 ounces! This incredible lightness is essential for your well-being as it ensures less strain on your joints. Consider this: the average person takes around 4,000 to 5,000 steps a day. With Thierry Rabotin shoes weighing in at around 10.5 to 17.5 ounces less than conventional kicks, your legs are spared from lifting nearly 2 tons in a day!