about us

the brand

Thierry Rabotin Brand

You will come to find when you experience our product that we are in a class of our own.

We make shoes that no other company make. We do things that no other company could ever do. In fact, we are the only brand in the world that literally makes its own shoes in its own factory exclusively.

The name Thierry Rabotin today signifies the preeminent Italian brand of exquisite comfortable fashion-forward women’s footwear.

The unequalled style, the high quality of the materials used and the painstaking attention given to every detail of each pair of Thierry Rabotin Shoes have brought worldwide recognition and appreciation.

the designer

Thierry Rabotin’s design philosophy is perfectly expressed in one of his phrases:

"I like to design shoes that envelop the feet giving the pleasant sensation of walking barefoot."

Thierry Rabotin considers designing not only as a way of experimenting with style, but as a tool for developing details aiming to offer top notch comfort.

Over the past decades, Thierry Rabotin has struck a balance between form and function, creating a line of sensible meets-stylish looks around his signature "sacchetto" construction.

the Designer

the company

the Company

Thierry Rabotin was created with the dedication that producing exclusively comfortable stylish high quality shoes is a responsible way to respect the consumer’s concern of perfect fit.

All the shoes, made using only hand selected premium quality leathers and fabrics, are produced under the direction of Thierry Rabotin in its own factory in Parabiago, situated in an Italian region near Milan where craftsmanship has developed to be the finest in the world.

the factory

Many years on from the opening of its factory, Thierry Rabotin stands proud among the few remaining Italian shoe companies that still produce exclusively in Italy and source all components from Italian supplying manufacturers.

the Factory

Parabiago Collezioni srl,

via Mario Re Depaolini, 80,

20015 Parabiago (MI) ITALY